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Sanaam is an innovative app crafted to empower you with financial freedom like never before! Unlock the potential of your hard-earned money before payday, with access of up to 70% of your monthly net income, accumulating daily. Say goodbye to financial constraints and hello to a brighter, more flexible future with Sanaam. 

You can download the Sanaam app on your android via play store or apple via App store after you have received an email from HR and successfully completed the registration.
‍No, it does not, for now.
‍The Sanaam app works only on smart phones, however, HR can assist with other accesses.
Sanaam is linked automatically to your salary account.

Web access is currently unavailable

Certainly not. The sum provided is not a loan: it is your salary. This implies that you receive payment for the work you have completed each day.
Yes please, depending on the amount, you will be charged a fee for processing the amount you want to access.
After your transaction on the app, funds are made available to you immediately.
You can withdraw as much as possible because the app tops up earnings daily.
No please, you can only access 70% of your salary on the last working day which is the 20th of every month.
Yes, you will have to reduce your savings amount before making a withdrawal.
Certainly, a fee is applied for each transaction made.
At the moment, there is no need for a PIN or password to complete your transaction. Simply log in with your password to initiate and complete the process.
Yes, you can.
On Sanaam, you can save only for a period of 30 days for now
Not at the moment.
Yes please, as often as you want and at any point in time, provided you do not request for an amount higher than the available earned amount.
This option is not available at the moment.
The savings feature currently does not provide interest since it only allows savings for a limited period of thirty days for now.
Currently, the available features are limited to savings and withdrawals
For now, loans are not available.
Your salary remains your responsibility. It is crucial to manage your obligations with other institution.
No please, when confirming your transaction, you will see the exact amount you will be charged, and no additional fees will be applied afterward.
Yes please, your security is our top priority at Sanaam. We have implemented robust measures to ensure the utmost protection for your personal and financial information. Our app employs state of the art encryption protocols, stringent authentication processes, and regular security updates to safeguard your data. You can trust Sanaam to keep your financial journey not only convenient but also incredibly secure. ‍
No please, the Sanaam account established for you will be under your strict control through the application on your smartphone. Ensure not disclose your login details to third-party. ‍
Please contact your HR department.