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The financial freedom you always wanted is finally a reality.
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Reimagining The Monthly Salary.

Sanaam empowers you to access your income in real-time, transforming how you experience payday.
With no hidden charges and no debt, we're setting a new standard for financial freedom. In a world where everything is just a tap away, why should your salary be any different? Waiting 20+ days to get paid for work you've already completed is a thing of the past.
Welcome to the future of earning.

Sanaam Allows You To...

See Your Bank Account Increase Every Second You Work.

Everyday you work, you make money.
Getting paid on pay day is simply too late.

Borrow Less.

Because you get paid in real time, there is a far lesser need for loans and credit cards, let alone salary advances.

Save Intuitively.

Our state of the art technology allows you to save every second you work. Rent will pay itself when its auto-deduced from your income, in real time.

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Sanaam makes your money more valuable. Here is How:

A Naira Today...

Is worth more than a Naira tomorrow. Your money is literally more valuable because you don't have to wait 10, 20 or 30 days for money you've "earned" by working today.

Pay Less Interest

Pay your dues sooner and everyone will be happy to charge you less.

Control Your Expenses

When you get your pay every hour, day or week, you have far more options to save, spend or invest.

Less Debt

Getting paid every day means an ever increasing bank account balance. You will borrow less.

How does Sanaam work?

Download Sanaam. Sign up.
You worked today? Sanaam allows you to get paid for that, immediately.
See your bank account balance increase every second you work. Use smart savings tool to budget your expenses.
You liked Sanaam? Transfer your next salary to your Sanaam account to use all the features.
We empower financial wellness…
We empower you!
of today's workforce state that financial matters cause them the most stress
of individuals stated that they have less than $1,000 saved to deal with emergency expenses
Empower your employees
Get started with Sanaam today!
“After downloading Sanaam, I have gained respect at home. I pay for things on time without waiting for payday.”
Chimoa Adefemi
“Since my daughter was admitted to university, I've frequently relied on Sanaam to transfer money to her for expenses and any other needs she may have while in school”
Hasan Emeka
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How does Sanaam work?

How can Sanaam help me save?

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