The financial freedom you always wanted is finally a reality.
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Everyday is payday.
Give your workforce real-time insight and control over their hard-earned salaries.
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Better planning
Get real-time control and insight over your earned salary.
Easier access
Withdraw what you need when you need it – you’ve earned it.
Smarter saving
Set monthly goals and never worry about overspending again.
For employers
Increase productivity
When your employees are not stressed about money, they can do what they do best, and it’s a win-win.
Eliminating cash advance
With the Sanaam model, we eliminate the time spent processing cash advances.
Happy team, happy life
People want to work with companies that empower their employees and make their best interest a priority, which is what Sanaam is about.
It's free... it is!
By now you’re wondering can it be better? Well, yes… Because Sanaam provides these great services to your employees at no cost to you!
How does Sanaam work?
A company is onboarded to Sanaam, and the entire workforce is informed so interested employees can sign up.
New Sanaam users are asked to set a savings goal so they don’t overspend, which is the first step on the path to financial wellness.
Users can see what they have earned and saved on a daily basis.
Now that they are in control, employees can spend what they’ve earned, worry-free.
We empower financial wellness…
We empower you!
of today's workforce state that financial matters cause them the most stress
of individuals stated that they have less than $1,000 saved to deal with emergency expenses
Empower your employees
Get started with Sanaam today!
“Sanaam is a must-have app for anyone who wants to truly understand how they are spending their money. I love that it keeps me accountable and motivated to spend mindfully. I’m proud to say that I’ve broken the paycheck to paycheck cycle, and I have Sanaam to thank!”
Jude Hadidi
Marketing, Sitech
“I love Sanaam. It makes me feel good about the money I make and how I spend it. The app’s helped me budget my own money. Through Sanaam, I can save money and move forward with more confidence and freedom.”
Hasan Majali
Product Manager, Sitech
For employees
Be independent
Never borrow money again. Sanaam gives you the financial freedom you always needed.
Don’t stress
You’ve earned it, and with Sanaam, if you need it, it’s right there for you.
Be empowered
Take grasp of life's opportunities and never miss out, with Sanaam the chances of today AND tomorrow are just a tap away.
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