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About Sanaam

Sanaam is breaking the traditional 30-day pay cycle for banked-employees. Our service allows users to liquidate their salary as they work — no friction — no fees – not an advance — not debt.

The way we’ve been getting paid has not evolved in 100+ years: Do work, wait until the end of month, get paid. Employees are essentially providing an interest-free loan to their employer until payday. Even worse, they end up paying for credit cards and loans to cover their interim liquidity needs. This doesn't make sense in 2022, when everything in our life is on-demand.

We fundamentally believe that once people get paid on-demand, they won’t be able to go back to the 30-day pay cycle. Just as Netflix has made it impossible to go back to waiting a week for that next episode.

Yet, we don’t want users to be reckless with their spending. So we built an advanced “save first, spend second” budgeting tool & integrated it with real saving accounts, thus helping users manage their new liquidity.

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